Friday, May 18, 2012

An Afternoon Activity That Actually Worked!

I have to admit that when I found out that my oldest son's baseball practice was cancelled for today I had a mild panic attack. I work from home so the thought of having EVERYONE home for the afternoon was MORE than I could handle! God must have known this because I had the fortunate luck of having my two oldest son's come home from school in a good mood! I find that how they come home from school sets the mood for how smooth or rocky of an afternoon we will have. They came home happy and cheerful and went straight outside to play. After they played ball for a while and were starting to get "bored", I suggested to them that they fill up a hole they had dug weeks ago. This particular hole they dug one afternoon had kept them so happy and entertained that I let them do it in spite of the fact that it was in a dangerous and highly trafficked area. This hole has just been waiting for someone to step in it and break their leg!

I have suggested to my boys on several occasions that they fill up the hole and occasionally they will halfheartedly put a few shovels of dirt in it and then forget about it. On other occasions, they have worked on making the hole even bigger. Today when I suggested they fill the hole I got the same response as days past. But then I was truly inspired and suggested they use the hole to place time capsules in! They had no idea what time capsules are. I briefly explained to them what a time capsule is and they went straight to work!. ALL of them were happy as can be! They wrote their letters and placed them in baby food jars.

They carefully placed the jars in their hole and proceeded to dig another hole to provide the dirt.

They were busy, had fun, and got the "dangerous hole" filled. The afternoon was a success!

Happy kids and a filled in hole!!!

The baby had his own special activity while the boys were in the yard working hard! The baby had just as much fun!


  1. That was an awesome story and a great problem solver. I loved it!

  2. Thanks, they had a blast! Everyone was happy me, them and even the baby!