Sunday, May 13, 2012

Lessons I Learned From My Mother

Happy Mothers Day! I hope that everyone is enjoying this special day by remembering and honoring your mother. Now that I am a mother I quite often find myself reflecting back to the wonderful and amazing childhood that my very own mother provided for me and my siblings. At times while raising my own four boys I find myself having flashbacks of how life was as a child in my mother's home. My mother was and still is so completely selfless, she has ALWAYS put her children before anything or anyone else. I have been fortunate enough to have never felt the pains of neglect or loss. My mother has taught me everything I know. I am in debt to her always. As my mother continues to teach me even into adulthood, here are a few of the lessons I have learned from my mother that I hope to pass on to my four boys:

1. Always remember to say please and thank you.
2. Never go to the bathroom alone.
3. "It is better to have loved and lost than to have never loved before."
4. Love to read.
5. Always try your very best.
6. Pray.
7. Cuddle babies.
8. Educate yourself.

The list goes on, it is ever growing. I know that I am blessed to have had such a wonderful mother! I am blessed to still have her, I know that many are not as fortunate as I am. My heart goes out to those who feel the pains of not having a mother present and grieve for those that grieve the loss of a mother.
It is my mother's day wish that us women guard this amazing power and gift we have to be mothers. That we not abuse this power we have to teach, to educate, to nurture, and to love. Remember to be a mother we do not have to give birth or have little ones running around our homes. We can extend our maternal influence to those who need it as we have that power as women.

Motherhood is a term that evokes such strong emotions in me. I have dreamed of being a mother for as far back as I can remember. I am honored to be a mother. I am humbled to think I have four boys who have chosen for me to be their mother. I hope to always be worthy of being mama, mommy, mom, and mother. I pray to always be worthy of their smiles, their cuddles and their love.

Please share what you love most about your mother on this special day.

Happy Mothers Day to all!

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