Friday, May 4, 2012

Rainbow Baby

It was during the dark of the night while nursing my fourth baby boy that my curiosity was ignited. What ignited my curiosity into a sparkling flame was a comment made on a blog I frequently read. A mother referred to her beautiful infant daughter as a “Rainbow Baby.” What was a “Rainbow Baby?”I had never heard this term used before! Through loving comments made by mothers who have experienced the loss of a child through miscarriages or other forms of complications, I learned that a Rainbow Baby is a baby born after loss. I was over whelmed with emotion. With my new baby boy in my arms, I realized that I have been blessed beyond measure with a Rainbow Baby!

How appropriate to name these sweet babies that come to families who have experienced loss as Rainbow Babies! When rainbows appear in the sky there is no denying that rain has fallen, possibly even poured! Many times these rains have been accompanied by ravaging storms. Storms that at times leave tracks of scars covered in pain. Rainbows are a testament that there has been rain. That the storm has indeed come. The land is still wet and possibly still dealing with the devastating aftermaths of having been ravaged by winds but the sun has still risen. For a rainbow can not appear in the stormy sky unless the sun has risen and shown its light and given its energy. A rainbow is a sign that better times are on their way. That the earth and all those that dwell on it are not forgotten.

 I have a Rainbow Baby.

My storm has left scars and some of those scars I can see, touch and remember every day. My storm has not been forgotten but there is still sunshine. My Rainbow Baby has brought a tremendous amount of joy to me and my family. He has calmed the stormy sky. He has brightened my family.He is a sign of hope that better days do come after the storm. He is my miraculous RAINBOW in the sky.

He is Abraham.



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  2. You couldn't have said it any better Maricela. as I read your blog, I realized, I too have a "Rainbow baby." In 1991 I had a miscarriage and found mself very sad thinking, I could never ever have a baby again, yet six months down the line I learned I was indeed pregnant. I had a some complications in the begining as I was bleeding and had a 50 - 50 chance of going through the full pregnancy term, but today I see my amazing 19 year old, healthy and happy as ever. My little Angel which came as a surprise to us 9 ears later was also a little miracle as the doctors told me he would come out handicap and that not all parts were where the were supposed to be. I prayed every night to God and told him how much I loved this child even if he or she was not completely formed as a baby should. On three separate visits I was told it was best to abort my unborn and in all three I refused and I continued to pray. I am not a drinker nor a smoker and I have two healthy children already, why am I being told this. Was I going to be a choosen one for this new baby? As the months progressed, the momet of truth came. I began having contractions .... 28 and half hours later the doctors were preparing me for a C-section, when a loud sound was heard. A busrt of water was coming from me. It was my bag of water and suddenly the erge to push.... the nurse said not to push as the doctor was not in et, but I pushed and I pushed and little Angel came out. He was complete. He was healthy. He was my heaven sent baby. Absolutely perfect. He was my miracle. I looked up to heaven and thanked the man upstairs, for he had given me a perfect baby. He had heard my prayers all along. I guess you could say Angel is also a rainbow baby, right? Rainbow or not, he is my true miracle, my blessing from above, my little Angel.... Angel De'Jesus Soria. yes, his name says it all =)

  3. Thank you for sharing your story. What a blessing that you listened to your motherly instinct! God does listen to our prayers and answers them! I love reading/hearing birth stories. Each journey into this world is unique. Yes, I would say Angel is also a rainbow baby. After the storm comes the rainbow.