Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Shopping Cart Safety: What I Wish Every Parent Could Know

Shortly after the birth of my first son, my husband and I were shopping at Target. This particular shopping trip of which I speak, has impacted every shopping trip I have ever had or ever will have with my children. What I saw on this particular shopping trip haunts me to this day.We were shopping and enjoying target and back in those days we actually could enjoy a shopping trip to Target! We were slowly going through the store minding our own business when all of a sudden just ahead of us we saw a beautiful little girl fall head first from a shopping cart. She had been sitting inside the cart where merchandise is placed. Her head hit the hard tile floor and made HUGE thud sound! Her parents ran to her aid quickly and scooped their little girl up off the floor as she screamed in pain. As instant as her fall had happened, a large black and blue goose egg sized swelling appeared on her forehead! Target employees scrambled to the little girl's aid as they pulled an instant ice pack off the shelves in an attempt to soothe the injured little girl.It was on this day that I vowed to myself that I would never allow a child of mine to ride in the part of the shopping cart where merchandise belongs. I wish I could say that since this day I have never seen another little girl fall from a cart but unfortunately I have witnessed an even more horrifying accident than the one from years ago. I was in a discount store that I frequently like to shop at. The floors in this particular shop are cement, that slick shiny type of cement. I saw a little girl fall from the shopping cart onto the unforgiving cement floor. She also had been sitting in the section of the cart that holds merchandise. This little girl was even more unfortunate than the one from years ago as when her mother scooped her off the floor she was unconscious! Her mother was screaming at her frantically to wake up! This little girls eyes would flutter open as her eyes seemed to roll around in their sockets. It was a scary scene to witnesses in the store.Please parents don't allow your children to ride in the cart where the merchandise belongs. It is so easy for children to fall right out of the cart. I know it is so hard to deal with kids and try to shop at the same time. I know that when one has several little ones it is extremely difficult to get around the store with them all! I have spent many shopping trips pushing a double stroller and pushing a cart, carrying babies and pushing a cart and now my latest method to shop is having one of my sons push the stroller as I push the shopping cart. The risk of injury is just too great for me. The risk is too great for all of us. Lets keep our precious little ones safe!

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