Monday, May 7, 2012

25 Reasons Why Kids Should Play Sports

For those of you that know me you know that I am VERY new to the sports world. My boy’s jaws literally drop to the ground when I tell them that I have never been on a sports team! As a matter of fact I have never been the recipient of a trophy. They just simply can’t believe it! Since between the three of them (one of them can't walk still) we are already the proud owners of 32 sparkling trophies and 6 medals (not like mommy is counting.)For my boy’s sports has been a major and important part of their lives, even from birth! My youngest son went to his first baseball game (played by two his big brother’s) when only being one week old! All my boys began playing sports at a young age… especially my third son being only two years old when he had his big debut in the sports world. I now have several years of being a sports Mom under my belt and many more ahead of me! These years have consisted of driving my boys across several cities for their practices and games. As a matter of fact our busiest Saturday so far had a total of 5 games (between only two boys.)

Here is a little list I put together on why I think kids should play sports:
1. Kids learn to work together.
2. Kids learn that when a teammate scores it’s a score for the whole 
3. Kids get much needed exercise.
4. Kids form friendships.
5. Kids build confidence.
6.Kids learn to trust their teammates.
7. Kids learn discipline.
8. Kids develop hand eye coordination.
9. Kids develop flexibility.
10. Kids learn to assess situations and make quick decisions.
11. Kids learn critical thinking skills.
12.Kids gain a sense of belonging.
13. Kids gain a sense of responsibility.
14. Kids learn leadership skills.
15. Kids learn what it means to be committed to a group.
16. Kids learn to take turns.
17. Kids learn to enjoy the outdoors.
18. Kids learn to love being physically active.
19. Kids learn to respect adults in positions of authority.
20. Kids learn good sportsmanship.
21. Kids learn to take turns.
22. Kids learn to share.
23. Kids learn that practicing is essential to improving.
24.Kids learn that winning isn't everything.
25. Kids learn to play in a team environment.

I consider my boys extracurricular sports activities essential to their education and development. Personally I do not “ground” my boys from their games or practices when they have had unacceptable behavior. I know that there are parents that do “ground” their children from extracurricular activities. But; it is my personal belief that the extracurricular activities even sports are part of their education.
It is my recommendation to parents that you educate yourself on programs that are in your area. Some suggestions on places to investigate for sports programs are the YMCA, parks and recreation, private sports leagues, Boys and Girls clubs and local junior colleges are just a few options. Many times going with a private league can be more costly but not always. Check your neighboring cities to see what programs they may offer. Not all parks and recreations are created equally. Not all private leagues are created equally! 
It is also important to remember that for children to have a good time playing sports, the responsible adults present need to behave themselves which includes parents and coaches. Sports is all about playing and having fun! It’s our job to make sure it stays that way!

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