Friday, June 1, 2012

She Stops To Smell The Roses

For the past four years a beautiful rose garden has been right outside my front door. When the rose garden is in full bloom it looks as if it belongs in a story book. Even though this garden is so pleasing to the eye, I am embarrassed to say I seldom stop to admire its beauty or to smell it's sweet aroma.

For almost the past four years I have cared for a special needs child in my home. Every time her mother comes to pick her up she stops to smell the roses. At times she will even ask me if I have smelled a particular rose.

I am embarrassed to say that I have never stopped to smell the roses. I'm always "too busy." At times the wind will blow a sweet aroma in my direction but the lure is never enough to make me stop and smell the roses.

The last time I was asked if I had stopped and smelled the roses I froze in my tracks and wondered what made me too busy to enjoy life.

At times life just seems to happen too fast for me. Too often life happens and I forget to cherish the small things like the roses. I need to STOP more often to smell the roses.

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