Thursday, July 12, 2012

Free Summer Sports Clinics

Do your kids love sports? Do you love FREE summer activities as much as I do? Check out your local NBA and MLS teams as many of them hold free or very low cost clinics! Today two of my boys attended a free basketball day clinic hosted by the LOS ANGELES CLIPPERS!!! The director of the clinic was Sean Rooks (he played for both the Clippers and the Lakers.) It was a four hour camp at a local park. The kids were greeted with t-shirts and a subway sandwich lunch! After which they were put on teams where they got the chance to practice basketball drills and technique . They even got the chance to get personal coaching and praise from a retired NBA player! At the end of the day all the kids were given a little goody bag with a book , pencil and a clippers bracelet. There was also a question and answer time with Sean Rooks. Most kids asked the typical questions like how old are you? What position did you play? Towards the end of the Q & A,  a kid  asked Sean R " are you rich?" Sean's response was this, " being rich comes from what you have within. That's where being rich comes from." When he said this I was very moved. He was so sincere and honest in his response. You could really feel that his man who has rubbed shoulders with some of the best basketball players of our time really believes that being rich comes from what one has within. I was shocked and touched by his sincerity. I even got a little choked up when he was speaking.He also encouraged the kids to work hard in school. He told the kids that they could be whatever they want to be if they work hard at it. My boys came home happy and motivated! They finished their evening asking their dad to take them to the park to play basketball. Thank you LA Clippers for a fun day!!! Thank you Sean Rooks for the reminder that a man's worth comes from what he has on the inside and not on the outside!

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