Monday, July 30, 2012

Pinterest Dreams

I totally LOVE Pinterest! If you Haven't joined the bandwagon, join!!! Or at least take a little sneak peak at it! When I first started the whole Pinterest thing, I would get all bummed out seeing all the wonderful crafts, foods, and well just pure cleverness of other women! Since I am so not crafty and by no means a wonderful cook and definitely not clever, I would feel disappointed in my obvious shortcomings. Along with this lengthy list of things that I am not is also the fact that I am not a very good dreamer. Well, at least not until Pinterest. I made a conscious decision that there was no real good reason in dwelling on my definite shortcomings rather I decided to channel my energy into dreaming. I go pin crazy and as a result I have found myself dreaming. I dream of being crafty, of being a chef, and most definitely I dream of being clever! Here and there when I can get my mommy act together I try out a new clever cleaning trick or a new recipe. For a few short moments everyday I dream. I dream of the great things I can accomplish. I dream of the things I can learn to create and cook. At times I have to remind myself that in this season of my life some of my dreams must stay dreams as I live my dream of being a mother. But; this dreaming thing is so new to me since for too many years I have been too much of a realist and even at times a pessimist. I now take the time to dream a little here and there and even if my talent in life can't be pinned for the Pinterest world to see I just remember that the little eyes that call me mom think I am pretty neat and worthy of being pinned for all the world to see!

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