Thursday, July 5, 2012

What is Rescue Remedy?

Do you feel stressed? Do you have a kid that stresses out a little too much? Is he or she wound up a little too tight?  Would you like some help dealing with your or your child's stress? I have found a natural and safe way to help a parent or child deal with stress. It is a remedy that is homeopathic and is called Rescue Remedy. This product has worked wonders with one of my sons that gets stressed and flustered. It has helped him deal better with situations that put him under pressure. It helps keep him calm and helps him come down from being upset. Because it is homeopathic there are no worries of it being addictive. The Bach brand is a highly respected brand. Bach does make an adult Rescue Remedy but is does contain alcohol and the children's version does not! When taking homeopathic remedies that contain alcohol, I was told to place the dosage of the remedy in warm water and let it cool. That in doing so the alcohol would evaporate. This product can be bought online. It can also be bought at Sprouts and Whole Foods. The employees at Whole Foods are extremely knowledgeable and helpful just a little more expensive than Sprouts. At times I even think I should use this product! Please let me know if you try this product and love it as much as I do!

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