Thursday, August 2, 2012

Making Money Sense With Kids

In the society that we currently live in, children seem to be overly indulged with "things" quite a bit. I include my sons in this category of kids who have been over indulged with"things." I believe that even my generation has fallen victim to this predicament. I have lived and traveled to different countries and have seen with my own eyes very heart wrenching, soul touching, and poverty stricken living situations. None the less, food still unfortunately still gets wasted at my house. Many times my boys have too much. Why? Because we live in a society that teaches us that more and lots of it, is better. Even when the "more" reaches a point of being too much. Many times the hard work that goes into earning the bread of everyday is overlooked by overly indulged children and adults. Mine included.

As of late my sons have been frequenting appliance and home improvement stores with me. They have been seeing price tags that are much higher than the usual Target and Walmart price tags. We made a trip to Sears today and after we looked at appliances I let the boys look around. The boy's are all excited about "back to school shopping." In all their excitement they decided to take a look at the backpacks. It was exciting until... we saw the price tags! I had to disappoint them with the news that I was NOT going to buy a backpack with a price tag of $90!! Sear's wanted $90 for a regular, nothing special of a backpack. Granted it was 50% off. Who cares! That's INSANE!!! I don't care how wealthy a person is! That's crazy! So that some kindergartener can drag it around the school yard? Or to have it get " forgotten" on some bench at school to never be seen again?! No way!!!

On our way home today my oldest son said in shear bewilderment  "Mommy, how much must it cost us to live in our house?' I think he had a small realization of just how expensive life is.

I have by no means been a perfect example of how to teach children about money. Many times my kids act very spoiled and can get too demanding for "things." But; to a certain degree I have taught them that they need to work for what they have. My kids are real entrepreneurs. They are ALWAYS trying to come up with some money making scheme.  As a matter fact my oldest is pretty upset that he is an unemployed 8 year old and is not very happy that there are child labor laws!

Sometimes less is really more. Children need to learn the value of good hard work. They need to learn that money does not always come easy. That if they want to have money they need to be wise and educated. Children don't need to be overindulged. They need to be loved and taught. A little hard work on their part to obtain the "things" they want wont kill them! What doesn't kill us makes us stronger!!!

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