Friday, August 23, 2013

Do you or your kids have sleep issues? A possible simple solution!

For years my oldest son has had "sleep issues." Actually, he has had issues with sleep since he came out of the womb! His main issue has been falling asleep and then struggling to stay asleep. He wakes often and always seems to be in a light restless sleep and is woken by the slightest noise or movement. Because of these very issues, I have had many long and hard months with him. As a young and new mother I was completely sleep deprived for years due to his sleep struggles . At around his third year of life, his sleep issues worsened as he developed a loud snore like gasp for air sound that to this day I have never heard duplicated by anyone. This loud noise that came out of him as he struggled to sleep also made breathing difficult. After several months of this, I decided to take him to his pediatrician, to once again discuss his sleep issues. After seeing a specialist is was determined that he had enlarged tonsils and they were obstructing his ability to breathe while sleeping. He was operated on and I had the silent hope that this would be the magical solution to the years of sleep issues that he had been enduring. The operation was successful in that he is now able to sleep and breathe at the same. But; the operation was not the magical solution I desired and hoped for with regards to him being able to stay asleep. Some years ago it had been suggested to me by various people to attempt the use of Melatonin. I have no idea why I never tried it with my son. I actually now feel very foolish for never having attempted its use. Its natural and non habitat forming. A few days ago after he lay in bed tossing around for two hours I left to the pharmacy to buy Melatonin. To my surprise I even found it in "gummie" form! Thanks to it being in "gummie" form I don't have to deal with the issues of pills or issues of it not tasting good! He gladly chewed them up and went to bed! I have noticed that since he started taking Melatonin he seems to be falling asleep in a reasonable amount of time! I asked him if he has noticed a difference and he said yes!!!! He said that he is now sleeping the WHOLE night without waking up! What?! My sleepless and restless kid is sleeping through the night?! Yep ladies and gentlemen, after nine excruciating years of him trying to sleep, he is now sleeping the WHOLE night with out waking up. I am no doctor and have no medical background so I'm just sharing a little momma secret that took me way too long to listen to. So if you or your little one are having some sleep issues, I suggest considering taking some Melatonin. I have to admit I took some magic gummies before I went to bed last night and I woke in the morning better rested than I usually do. Here is to wishing all you mommas and little ones out their a happy restful night! Sweet Dreams!

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