Saturday, September 7, 2013

Tips and Conversation Starters For A Successful School Year

 With the beginning of a new school year anxiety can be high for kids (and parents),  a whole new year is ahead of them and us! New adventures are just waiting to happen. To help the new school year run smoothly here is a list of a few things you can do and  talk about with your kids.

1. Make homework expectations clear. Are they to do homework right when they get home? Have it done before dinner? Before bedtime? Having this expectation clear and enforcing it can help your child get it done in a time frame that you feel to be appropriate. Confusion and arguments can possibly be avoided by having homework expectations clear to your child.

2. Give CLEAR and REALISTIC expectations to your child on what type of grades they should be getting. Then as the parent help them reach these realistic goals. This might mean you have to spend extra time assisting with homework or you may have to hire a tutor. Or relax and let your child take charge of their responsibilities. Whatever your expectation is make sure it is realistic for your child. Every child excels in different areas at different times.

3. Provide a clean and quiet area for homework and study to happen.

4. Talk to your child about making friends. Remind them how a friend behaves. Especially talk about this if your child has a hard time making friends or if they will be going to a new school.

5. Talk to your child about bullying. Make sure they know what bullying is. Teach them what to do if they feel bullied. Teach them what to do if they see someone else being bullied.

6. Remind/ teach them what appropriate or inappropriate touching is. Teach them what to do if something makes them uncomfortable.

7. Have clear expectations/ rules on television and gaming during the "school days." Will you allow tv or gaming on school days? Do they have a time limit? Or are you "mean" like me and allow no tv or gaming Monday - Thursday?

8. Make sure everyday they have time to play and have fun. Let them go outside and get fresh air!

9. Go to back to school night. Attend parent teacher conference. Make sure you know the teachers expectations and make sure the teacher knows the expectations you have for your child and the teacher. 

10. Check what your child has for homework every night. Review their finished homework every night.

11. Volunteer as time permits.