Saturday, September 28, 2013

Why Every Mom Should Know How To Make Money: My Life Changing Story

Many years ago. Far too many years ago to count, when in my late teens I observed something that has lingered in my memory forever reminding me of a vow I made to myself. A vow made long before my children were even a thought.

I sat as a young single adult in a Sunday school class. Just observing life happen, as I so often do. I was observing a mother of 7 children interact with her youngest child. Her child after several weeks of crawling around the Sunday school room floor was finally walking. He was barefoot. His young tender feet cruised the room as he had no socks on and no shoes. Aparently I wasn't the only observer that noticed his bare feet. Another observant person dared to make an inquisitive comment to his mother as to the obvious fact the child was cruising the room with no shoes! Her response perhaps honest yet surprising has bothered me forever. Her response was,"Isn't he lucky"...  LUCKY!!!??? A voice screamed inside me telling me that it wasn't "luck" that kept him barefoot several Sundays to follow. It was finances. On several occasions prior to this incident his mother had commented that finances were tight. With only the father working and with seven children, it's no doubt that things had to be tight on his public serveant salary. The mother's response and my bitter realization stung my ears, twisted and knotted my stomach, and imprinted on my mind. I vowed that day to myself and to my unborn children that I would never let them go without shoes because I didn't know how to make money.

I want it to be clear I am not promoting being a career mommy nor poo pooing stay at home mommies. What I am promoting is that mommies need to have a few tricks up their sleeves. I am saying that as women and as mommies we need to know how to make money. I'm not saying neglect ones children in the pursuit of money, power and luxuries, I'm just saying enhance their childhood by knowing how to make money.  Have the capability to be self relient in the face of economic tragedy.  Be educated in the full sense of the word. Have talents. Pursue talents. Be an entrprenuer. Be strong. Be the person you want your children to be. Be mindful of future possibilities. Work hard. Teach your children to work hard.

I have seen countless mommies unexpectedly end up widows, divorced, or due to health concerns end up having to be bread winners. I have seen these women enter panic mode. They are good women. Women who have dedicated their lives to their family and yet in the face of economic tragedy they are left scrambling. Scrambling to find undeveloped talents. Scrambling for the education that never happened. Scrambling to pursue the future that never happened.

So, what am I really saying? If you are a baker have a little side business baking cakes for birthday parties. Maybe you only get a gig a few times a year. But; you have a little something that in the face of tragedy you can lean on it and grow it. If you are a photgrapher do photo minis twice a year. Does this make sense? Have some tricks up your sleeve!

I know its hard to find who we are when we are in mommy mode. Its so easy to lose ourselves. Sometimes we are in so deep we don't even realize we are sinking. Sometimes we don't know how to get out. Take some time to find your self  (believe me I know that this is easier said than done.) Find the tricks that you have up your sleeve. Be prepared. Be self relient. Be strong. Be talented. Be the best woman and mommy you can be!

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